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renowned cybersecurity expert and the Co-Founder of MetroMSP, known affectionately as 'The Cyber Guy.' His extensive knowledge and expertise in managing and mitigating cyber risks have established him as a leading figure in the cybersecurity field.

His achievements include being an Amazon Best Selling Author in 2021 and being named the Good Housekeeping Cyber Expert in 2022. Bob's forward-thinking perspective on cybersecurity was notably featured in the 1984 Omni Magazine article “Life in a Wired Society,” which provided early insights into the relationship between society and emerging digital technologies.

In 2022, Bob was a finalist in a private pitch competition to Kevin O'Leary, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach within the cybersecurity sector. Beyond his professional endeavors, Bob is committed to education and leadership. He serves as a Cyber Trainer for the Morris County Bar Association and mentors young individuals as an Eagle Scout Advisor, fostering a new generation of leadership and cyber preparedness.

Connect with Bob on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/michiebob/ to explore more about his pioneering work in cybersecurity.

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