1. You have 14 calendar days to request a refund on your membership from the date you sign up.
  2. Refund requests due to a confusion in which chamber you’ve joined will not be honored. You understand that this is the Morristown Chamber of Commerce which services the greater Morristown area but is not limited to Morristown. If you’ve joined and are located in a nearby town we can still help therefore refund requests of this nature will not be honored.
  3. You have 14 calendar days to request a refund on your membership renewal from the date you were charged.
  4. You are only eligible for a refund 7 days prior to the event that you have purchased a ticket for if you are unable to attend.
  5. All other sales unrelated to memberships and tickets are final with no refund options.


  1. By signing up you understand that this is a yearly membership that automatically renews unless you email members@morristownchamber.org and request to not renew. You will only be billed for the rate that you signed up for every April 2nd of the year.
  2. You understand that the Morristown Chamber of Commerce is not politically affiliated and is a private community-based organization with the mission to help other businesses in the area grow through the power of networking.
  3. You are required to schedule your onboarding call in order for your services to be delivered.
  4.  You understand that you are purchasing a membership and that your participation is required to make the most of your membership. 
  5. We reserve the right to cancel a membership if the member does not follow the Code of Conduct.