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Amy Wax Color Consultant

Amy Wax, Color Expert

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Amy Wax is a fine artist and internationally recognized color expert. Amy graduated from Syracuse University with an arts degree in illustration and a drive to use color to improve and benefit the lives of others.

She is the first color consultant to be nationally recognized for her “immense talent and vision in the world of color” by Benjamin Moore & Co., awarding her with the prestigious HUE award. She has served as President of the International Association of Color Consultants of North America. She has also been recognized by Houzz and Build Home Design, receiving awards year after year.

As an expert in her field, Amy enjoys sharing her expertise and helping everyone bring color into their world. She has seen the power of color change rooms, homes, businesses, and even lives!

Her specialties vary as much as her client base. She has served as an interior paint color expert and exterior paint color consultant with businesses, working with residential real estate developments, commercial real estate malls, offices and more from Oregon to Florida to New York City.

And of course, on the residential side, her expertise as an interior paint consultant and exterior paint color expert has helped homeowners across the country by creating color palettes to help them fall in love with their homes all over again!

She’s worked with developers on color and design of new construction, in townhouses, and in every style of single-family home you could imagine!

Amy used her knowledge and experience as a color expert to launch the award-winning Color911 app and blog. Color911 aims to make the use of color accessible and easy to understand for a wide audience.

Amy is also the owner of Your Color Source Studios, Inc. and the author of two books on color, including a bestseller that received numerous “book of the year” awards. Amy has helped with color palette development for a number of major paint manufacturers including Benjamin Moore.


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