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All Tax and Payroll Services

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I have been providing services to a wide client base for many years.  When representing you before governmental authorities, my attitude is that any fines, tax increases, etc. are going to be paid by me and since filings have been done in a correct manner there could be no change resulting from tax examinations.

I have a great deal of experience in working with clients who have not filed tax returns for many years.  Even if the federal or your home state government has caught up with you, it normally would prove most advantageous to have me represent you in presenting your case for your maximum advantage.  In many instances, you would not have to talk to the government employee at all other than telling them to talk to me instead of talking to you.

Under current tax policy, it is to your benefit, if your income is low, to file tax returns.  In many situations, the government will pay you money for timely filing a return.  

Please call for a free initial consultation by telephone or in-person at my home office.  I am Philip Friedland, CPA.  My phone number is 973-347-4112.


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